Our Staff


All staff can be reached via email used the format: firstname.lastname@swcsd.us

Certificated Staff

Anne-Marie Rhodes - Principal      anne-marie.rhodes@swcsd.us

Dianne Mabry-Kindergarten

Heather Mader-Kindergarten

Leann Watson-Kindergarten

Ashton Smith - Kindergarten 

Tinleigh Cobus - First Grade

Amy Crosier-First Grade

Jennifer Goubeaux - First Grade

Rachel Sutton -First Grade

Lauren Conaway-Second Grade 

Kristen Curry-Second Grade

Maya Figurski-Second Grade

Alicia Miller - Second Grade

Kathleen (Katie) Castle-Third Grade

_________________ -Third Grade 

Heather Smythe-Third Grade

Carrie Austin-Fourth Grade

Tracy Endres-Fourth Grade

Hannah Washington - Fourth Grade

Caitlyn Findlay -K/1st Grade Cross Categorical 

Kyley Townley  Multi-Grade Cross Categorial

Sean Richardson-3rd/4th Grade Cross Categorial

__________________________- STACK

Jamie Somers-Intervention Specialist

Lisa Kassner-Intervention Specialist

Rhea Mahaney-Intervention Specialist

Lindsey Kauffman-ESL 

Diane Kowalke - Gifted Intervention Specialist

Jessica Heine -Literacy Coach/LLI Reading

Jennifer (Jen) Drabek-Reading Recovery/LLI Reading

Vikki Gomez-Math Coach

Brady Croft-Physical Education

Jenna Micale - Adaptive Physical Education

Michelle (Shelly) Hoke-Art

Spencer Kocher-Music

Angela Bruce-Speech

Samantha Garner - Speech

Kaitlyn Perin-Speech

Alice Weng-Psychologist

Paige Witzel - School Counselor

Natalie Kincaid - Student Support Liaison  

Lindsey Zeuch-Occupational Therapist

Susan Wilson- Physical Therapist

Kim Roberts-Nurse

Classified Staff

Patty Ruby-Secretary         patty.ruby@swcsd.us

Jan McNeal-Office Aide

Christine Fusner-Health Aide

Jacklyn (Jackie) Foltz-Medication Monitor

Robin Nida - ERC

Laura Hammen- Assessment Aide

Amanda Kimmel- Assessment Aide

Cindy Todd- Assessment Aide

Amanda Clayton - Aide

Sherita Holland - Aide

Trisha Schwind - Aide

Kathleen Barber - CC Aide

Ashley Calvert - CC Aide

Marjorie Mitchell - CC Aide

Dana Rutan-CC Aide

Casey Meyers - STACK Aide

Kylie Orick - STACK Aide

___________________________ --Head Cook

Audrey Daniels-Cook

Troy Miller -Head Custodian

Lisa Smith-Night Custodian

Doug Hardin-Part Time Custodian

Lucinda Parsell-Crossing Guard